Quick Dry Solution

About Us

High Quality PPC Products

We are a dedicated team comprised of leading managerial personal, analytical chemists and dedicated staff. Over the past number of years we have developed several high quality specialized products for several sectors of the community. Our policy is always to produce the highest possible quality product for our customers like our own brand of sanitizer, SANITEZ .

We supply certified PPE equipment such as face shields, masks and medical gowns to medial industry.

Laboratory Testing

Quality Assurance

Our products undergo rigorous testing in the our laboratories and are also independently tested by an external laboratory for every batch of production.

In accordance with EU regulations and other regulations for customers outside the EU, all tests are certified and the data is readily available for our customers and regulatory authorities.

All our PPE equipment comply with medical standards in Ireland and the EU. Every step of our manufacturing process is carefully monitored and GMP is applied at all times. We adhere to REACH compliance at all times throughout the making of SANITIZE products.

Our hand sanitizer is both EN 1500 and EN 1276 standard tested in accordance with their EU guidelines and regulations.

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